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WISL WebTrip

WISL Webtrip is a browser based application that provides the capability to model orders and initiate changes that will generate full truckloads to specific customers and thereby optimize shipping costs . It interfaces with WISL Distribution Control which provides multi-stop modeling and document generation.

It is often desirable to generate a trip to a specific customer that consists of a full truckload. This tends to optimize shipping costs. The interactive tools of WISL WebTrip may be utilized to model current customer orders to generate full truckloads.



Workstation: Any device that can run a browser (Windows Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator or Firefox) and can access the corporate intranet or internet as required


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WISL WebTrip/WISL Distribution Control Interface

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WISL WebTrip/WDC Scenario

bullet Orders are entered directly through a web based entry screen.
bullet Webtrip invokes the crate modeling routine whereby goods are consolidated into larger shipping units, such as crates
bullet Webtrip provides for modification of order composition to create an optimal modeled trip. Saves a record of each order that is modeled in a trip and sends it to the corporate order entry system as an EDI 850 or XML transaction.
bullet When DCS receives the modeled order from the corporate order entry system, it includes it in the pre-modeled trip.
bullet All relevant labels, packing slips, bills of lading and trip documents are generated
bullet Order/Shipment tracking and analytical report facilities are available at all points in the distribution control path