WISL WebRate

WISL Webrate is a web based application that provides the capability to enter the characteristics of a shipment and retrieve the best rate along with a list of other applicable rates and access to further details about the rates and contract arrangements.

Contract arrangements with carriers can be complex and freight rate structures are often bewildering for those not directly involved in rate negotiations. A large organization with a variety of shipping needs could have scores of rating arrangements that may apply to a given shipment. The interactive tools of WISL WebRate may be utilized to simplify finding the best rate for a given shipment.



bulletWindows Server , Internet Information Services
bulletRedhat Linux, Apache

Workstation: Any device that can run a browser (Chrome, Windows Internet Explorer, Netscape or Firefox) and can access the corporate intranet or internet as required


bulletWindows PC
bulletThin client

Third Party Software

bulletRocket Software’s UniVerse DBMS – provides for support of imported and generated data base files
bulletRocket Software’s Middleware Web DE – provides for browser based access by workstations to the webserver
bulletJAVA Application Server(JRun)

WISL Software Modules

bulletFreight Analysis Information System
bulletWISL WebRate

WISL WebRate/Freight Analysis Information System Interface

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WISL WebRate/FAIS Scenario



Shipment specifications are entered directly through a web based entry screen.


Webrate invokes the FAIS auto-rating mechanism which identifies the best rate and a list of additional rates found


Webrate provides for display of the rates data gathered in the auto-rating process and also provides for display of additional detail


Webrate can be implemented as an intranet facility or made available on the internet


Available Optional Software Modules

bullet Rate Quote Request

Provides for the specification of the major attributes of a rate quotation and then provides for the rate quote request to be submitted via e-mail to a list of carriers with copies to the rate quote administration authority.