WISL WebOrder

WISL Weborder consists of an interactive front end that runs on an internet server which allows a customer to make price and stock status inquires and specify orders. The order records generated by this mechanism would be automatically sent to the host server and passed on to the corporate order entry system.

Shipment status is also available through specification of BOL, PO or Order ID. Various implementations are available to handle different requirements.



bulletWindows Server , Internet Information Services
bulletRedhat Linux, Apache

Workstation: Any device that can run a browser (Windows Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator or Firefox) and can access the corporate intranet or internet as required


bulletWindows PC
bulletThin client

Third Party Software

bulletIBM’s UniVerse DBMS – provides for support of imported and generated data base files

WISL Software Modules

bulletWISL WebOrder

WISL WebOrder Inquiry Page


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Order Inquiry

Specify any one or more of the search criteria. An AND connector is assumed between criteria.

PO Number :   Order Number :   Status :
Order Date On/ Starting At :   Ending At :  


All the pages can be customized to suit your web site.

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WISL WebOrder Features

bulletThe product and order data base used by Weborder is generated from the host intranet server
bulletThe Weborder data base may be refreshed at any interval
bulletPage backgrounds and color schemes may be customized by host
bulletDescriptive information including graphics may be added through index to each product page
bulletUpon completion of an order, a record is generated to be sent to the host intranet server
bulletEDI or custom format transactions may be generated from Weborder records for input to the corporate order entry system