WISL Warehouse Management

WISL Warehouse Management controls the flow of product from plant or vendor to warehouse, between warehouses and out to customers. Picking and packing can be controlled for individual pieces or consolidated trips. Perpetual inventory is maintained throughout all processes and comprehensive inventory audit facilities are included. Many of the data entry processes are designed to employ RF terminals with barcode scanning.


Server: Open Systems

bulletUNIX; AIX, Solaris
bulletWindows Server
bulletLinux; Redhat

Workstation: Any Device that supports the major browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari)


bulletWindows PC
bulletSome tablets

RF terminals: Handheld or vehicle mount, may be utilized. The user interface is text based and typically the manufacturer supplied terminal emulation facilities are utilized.

Third Party Software

bulletRocket Software’s UniVerse DBMS


RF Data Collection and Barcode Printing Hardware

WISL prefers to supply all RF data collection and barcode printing hardware to insure compatibility with WISL software applications, durability and ongoing support. WISL recommends Symbol for RF and Zebra for printing barcode labels.

WISL Software Modules

bulletWISL Warehouse Management(WWM)
bulletWISL Inter-branch Transfer(WIBT)

Installation Preparation

WISL WM provides for support of a variety of warehouse configurations. For example a configuration have a manufacturing or cross-dock warehouse and a distribution warehouse.

WISL WM also provides for flexibility in process flow and in specific warehouse computerized procedures. These parameters are specified for the entire installation. Examples are as follows:

bulletthe format of pick lists and labels and other documents.
bulletthe number of copies of documents.
bulletentry screen formats
bulletwhether SKUs in inventory have a unique ID that must be scanned/entered.
bulletwhether the warehouse is treated as one large location, has many locations or has a few named locations (BOX , BAG or RACK , CRATE, PIECE for example)
bulletdifferent parts of the picking activity can be made mandatory or optional. For example, a verification of the pick must be done before what was picked can be shipped or it can be optional.
bulletthe place in the process flow that certain documents are printed.

System Functions

Below is a list of the main system functions of WWM.

bulletPiece Picking
bulletLoad Unit Picking
bulletLoad Unit Verification
bulletTrip Verification
bulletStock Transfer
bulletStock Movements
bulletInventory Audit
bulletInventory Inquiry
bulletWarehouse Activity Performance Monitoring
bulletInventory Analysis Reporting