WISL Process Management

WISL Process Management provides the link between production and planning processes. It begins with the capability to maintain records of and schedule production batches. It offers an interface with data collection applications on the production line to provide production control information and retrieve actual production data. Finally it includes an interface for WISL Production Analysis or a third party MRP system to pass along the planned and actual production data.


Server: Open Systems

bulletUNIX; AIX, Solaris
bulletWindows Server
bulletLinux; Redhat

Workstation: Text or GUI apps, anything that runs AccuTerm terminal emulation ; text only apps, dumb terminal that emulates industry standard term types


bulletWindows PC
bulletThin client
bulletVarious dumb terminals

RF terminals: Handheld or vehicle mount, may be utilized. The user interface is text based and typically the manufacturer supplied terminal emulation facilities are utilized.

Process control data collection devices: Fixed mount devices running MS CE. The user interface is GUI utilizing the facilities of C++

Third Party Software

bulletIBM’s UniVerse DBMS
bulletAccuSoft’s terminal emulation package – AccuTerm

RF Data Collection and Barcode Printing Hardware

WISL prefers to supply all RF data collection and barcode printing hardware to insure compatibility with WISL software applications, durability and ongoing support. WISL recommends Symbol for RF and Zebra for printing barcode labels.

Process Control Hardware

WISL prefers to supply all process control information processing hardware to insure compatibility with WISL software applications, durability and ongoing support. WISL recommends Intelligent Instruments(a division of Texas Instruments) devices.

WISL Software Modules

bulletWISL Process Management(WPM)
bulletWISL Inventory Acceptance
bulletWISL Jig Maintenance
bulletWISL Production Control Reporting
bulletWISL Production Analysis Reporting

WISL Process Control Software Modules

bulletWISL Box Maker
bulletWISL Stretch Wrapper
bulletWISL Piece Labeler

Installation Preparation

WISL PM provides for information systems support of a variety process control applications but WISL does not provide engineering support. The customer must provide the necessary in-house or third party expertise to interface production processes(usually at the PLC level to WISL provided information systems. For example in a production line labeling operation the label printers must be synchronized with the line which is an engineering responsibility.

System Functions

Below is an image of the system flow of WPM followed by a list of major functions:

image1.gif (13267 bytes)

bulletMaintenance of batch production records(the building blocks for process control).
bulletAn interface between the production batch data base and spreadsheet facilities provides for the generation of a production batch schedule.
bulletTCP/IP provides the interface between interactive applications that run on intelligent terminals that control production line processes and the data base on the server.

System Synopsis of WPM Sub-Modules

bulletWISL Pinch Points

The WISL WPM Pinch Points includes interactive routines that are designed to provide for data collection and control at key points in the flow of the manufacturing process.

Typically a hand held data terminal is utilized to scan barcodes and collect control data while accessing the data base on the WISL Process Management server but there is no direct connection to an automated manufacturing process.


bulletWISL Inventory Acceptance

The WISL WPM Inventory Acceptance provides the capability to maintain the jig record to indicate that it has been emptied and maintain the date and time. It also generates a transaction which is batched and sent to the WISL Warehouse Management Server to maintain the inventory data base.

A hand held data terminal is utilized to control the process while accessing the data base on the WISL Process Management server.

bulletWISL Jig Maintenance

The WISL WPM Jig Maintenance System provides for control over packaged product on the production floor until it is accepted into inventory.

Jig records are generated to correspond to a physical temporary storage and transfer device. An interactive routine that runs on an RF data collection computer provides for the maintenance of the

current contents of a jig.

bulletWISL Production Control Reporting

The WISL PM Production Control Reporting System provides information for controlling the production scheduling process. Orders, inventory and production batch/work order data bases are assimilated and many calculations and data relationships are generated in order to produce effective information for controlling

the production scheduling process.

bulletWISL Production Analysis Reporting

The WISL PM Production Analysis Reporting System provides information for analyzing the production process. All data collection is done relative to a specific batch by the shift supervisor at the end of a batch or at the end of a shift. A file

of data is maintained by batch ID and reporting is generated from this and the batch schedule data base.

System Synopsis of Sample WPM Process Control Application(Box Maker)

An Intelligent Instrument data terminal is utilized on the production line to prompt for control data and supply the instructions to run the process. Communication with the Process Management server is accomplished with TCP/IP. The Batch control file is read from the server and the operator selects the desired batch from the terminal display and the control process is initiated. Upon completion, data about actual production is returned to the Process Management server.