WISL Process Analysis

Central to WISL Process Analysis is the maintenance capability for product formulations and dunnage requirements for the development of a bill of materials for production batches. A calculation process is performed upon batch production activity and updates are automatically performed on the raw materials inventory(this feature requires implementation of WISL’s Process Management module).

Facilities are also included to maintain inventory from raw materials purchasing/receiving and manual adjustments. These latter facilities are based on RF technology. RF based facilities are also included to provide for financial and cycle inventory counts. Interfaces are supported to the corporate financial and preventive maintenance systems.


Server: Open Systems

bulletUNIX; AIX, Solaris
bulletWindows Server
bulletLinux; Redhat

Workstation: Text or GUI apps, anything that runs AccuTerm terminal emulation ; text only apps, dumb terminal that emulates industry standard term types


bulletWindows PC
bulletThin client
bulletVarious dumb terminals

RF terminals: Handheld or vehicle mount, may be utilized. The user interface is text based and typically the manufacturer supplied terminal emulation facilities are utilized.

Third Party Software

bulletIBM’s UniVerse DBMS
bulletAccuSoft’s terminal emulation package – AccuTerm


RF Data Collection and Barcode Printing Hardware

WISL prefers to supply all RF data collection and barcode printing hardware to insure compatibility with WISL software applications, durability and ongoing support. WISL recommends Symbol for RF and Zebra for printing barcode labels.

WISL Software Modules

bulletWISL Process Management(WPA)

Installation Preparation

WISL PA requires the establishment of an SKU record for each raw material component of finished products. WISL will assist in converting existing file to help establish the raw material SKU data base.

Upon creation of the raw material SKU records the bill of materials records must be created using the raw material SKU records as components. Here again WISL may assist in generating bills of materials records from existing files.

The raw materials inventory file must also be initialized with on-hand raw materials figures.

System Flow

Below is an image of the system flow of WPA:

bulletA production batch is recorded as planned and the raw material inventory commitment is automatically updated.
bulletA production batch is designated as released and the raw material inventory actual is automatically updated.
bulletA production batch is completed and the raw material inventory commitment and actual figures are adjusted from planned to actual.
bulletPeriodic inventory audits may be performed on raw material inventory.
bulletAn RF based control routine run on a portable data collection/scanner unit is utilized for inventory audit.
bulletFacilities to adjust inventory based on audit results are available.
bulletAutomatic interfaces transfer inventory information to corporate financial and preventive maintenance systems.
bulletExtensive reporting is available including export capabilities to interface with desktop analytical facilities such as spreadsheets or DBMS’s.