WISL Inventory Maintenance

WISL Inventory Maintenance offers the capability for to optimize the use of warehouse facilities. Stock transfer routines track product from the warehouse to the store or between stores. Handheld data collection devices employing barcode technology are utilized to control inventory activities.

Facilities are included that provide for periodic inventory audits . The audits can be performed as cycle counts or full financial audits. In the case of both stock transfers and inventory audits, transactions are stored in handheld scanning terminals and up-loaded through a PC workstation to the inventory management system. WISL IM provides for reporting on the inventory transactional data and integration with the inventory management system.


Server: Open Systems

bulletUNIX; AIX, Solaris
bulletWindows Server
bulletLinux; Redhat

Workstation: Text or GUI apps, anything that runs AccuTerm terminal emulation ; text only apps, dumb terminal that emulates industry standard term types


bulletWindows PC
bulletThin client
bulletVarious dumb terminals

RF terminals: Handheld or vehicle mount, may be utilized. The user interface is text based and typically the manufacturer supplied terminal emulation facilities are utilized.

Third Party Software

bulletIBM’s UniVerse DBMS
bulletAccuSoft’s terminal emulation package – AccuTerm


RF Data Collection and Barcode Printing Hardware

WISL prefers to supply all RF data collection and barcode printing hardware to insure compatibility with WISL software applications, durability and ongoing support. WISL recommends Symbol for RF and Zebra for printing barcode labels.

Inventory Maintenance Scenario

bulletProduct enters the warehouse from manufacturing or vendor under the control of the Stock Transfer System.
bulletAn output file from manufacturing system or a procurement process can establish the stock transfer request record or it may be initiated via clerical entry.
bulletThe stock transfer request record is used as the basis for picking a trip to be transferred to a warehouse. The picking routine is run on a handheld data collection/scanning device running in batch mode.
bulletUpon arrival at the warehouse, a routine utilizing a hand held data collection/scanning device controls the product storage process.
bulletA hand held based routine controls the generation of stock transfers by trip.
bulletTransactions are uploaded from the hand held data collection device and the inventory is maintained on the inventory management system.