WISL EDI Transportation

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the intercompany computer-to-computer communication of data which replaces the function of a standard business document and is transmitted in a standard format.

The WISL EDI - Transportation module(EDIT) provides the framework for receiving and transmitting standard Motor Carrier EDI transaction sets. EDIT provides the required control to enable monitoring and review of the transmission process. It performs editing upon incoming EDI batches to ensure conformance with EDI standards. EDIT writes the valid transactions into the corresponding transaction hold files and generates and sends appropriate EDI response transactions.

The transactions are stored in the hold files in formats that are readily convertible to the internal format of any application utilizing the UniVerse data base management system. Standard ASCII fixed or variable length records may also be easily generated from the hold file records to be used with any open systems based application.


Server: Open Systems

bulletUNIX; AIX, Solaris
bulletWindows Server
bulletLinux; Redhat

Workstation: Text or GUI apps, anything that runs AccuTerm terminal emulation ; text only apps, dumb terminal that emulates industry standard term types


bulletWindows PC
bulletThin client
bulletVarious dumb terminals

Third Party Software

bulletIBM’s UniVerse DBMS
bulletAccuSoft’s terminal emulation package – AccuTerm

Installation Preparation

Biographic information on all EDI partners must be maintained along with the specifications about how envelopes and transaction protocol are to be handled for each partner. The physical mechanism for data transfer must be established.

EDI Transaction Flow

Below is an image of the transaction flow of WISL EDIT:

wpe1.jpg (57073 bytes)


EDIT System Functions

wpe3.jpg (78932 bytes)

WISL EDIT Supported EDI Transactions

bulletSet 104 Air Shipment Information
bulletSet 210 Air Freight Details and Invoice
bulletSet 204 Motor Carrier Shipment Information
bulletSet 210 Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice
bulletSet 213 Motor Carrier Shipment Status Inquiry
bulletSet 214 Motor Carrier Shipment Status Message
bulletSet 218 Motor Carrier Tariff Information
bulletSet 980 Functional Group Totals
bulletSet 997 Functional Acknowledgment