Logistics Retail Management Reporting

WISL Component Product Retail Management

WISL C/PRM is organized into operational sections corresponding to the two primary functions of retail management - buying and selling. In addressing these functions the system accommodates the special requirements of handling composite products.

WISL C/PRM provides for the creation of package products by identifying products as components of the package product. These packages can then be treated as individual products in the buying and sales cycles but where appropriate may be exploded into the components that they represent (such as when pricing or costing is required).

Functional Overview

Below is a functional overview of WISL C/PRM.

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Server: Open Systems

Workstation: Text or GUI apps, anything that runs AccuTerm terminal emulation ; text only apps, dumb terminal that emulates industry standard term types


Third Party Software

Supplementary WISL Software Modules 

C/PRM Vendor Product Auto-Import offers the capability to automatically import vendor product records into the C/PRM product data base. It provides for translation of vendor product classes
into C/PRM classes, indexing the records for access in the C/PRM inquiry and automatic removal of vendor records which are no longer offered and are not currently stocked or have not been sold through C/PRM. The facility can handle multiple vendors.

C/PRM Retail Rental provides the infrastructure to manage a rental service for selected store products. It interfaces with other store retail management systems to gather rental product data.
Special processing is also included to handle considerations in receiving, point of sale and inventory for rental products.

Summary of Facilities

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