WISL Branch Freight – Remote Installation

The goal of WISL BFS RI(Remote Installation) is to offer the advantages of an on-site shipping server to the shipper while preserving the controls and other advantages of a centralized freight management service.

The remote server retains a data base sufficient to support the operational activities of shipping. This data base is maintained by importing shipping data from the shipper’s corporate ERP system and importing rates and other system control data from the freight management server. The only data base update performed on the shipping server is as a result of shipping procedures performed in WISL BFS. All other data base update is performed on the freight management server with updates transferred regularly to the shipping server. The only report output generated by the shipping server are documents directly related to the shipping process e.g. shipping label, BOL, carrier manifest, ship confirmation notice. All other reporting is done from the freight management server.

Relevant updates on the freight management server are accumulated and transferred to the shipping server at specified intervals utilizing standard internet protocol with specific operational procedures negotiated by installation. Likewise shipping data is accumulated and transferred from the shipping server to the freight management server at specified intervals utilizing standard internet protocol with specific operational procedures negotiated by installation. Transfer of data to and from the shipper ERP(both format and transfer methodology) is negotiated by installation.



bulletWindows Server, Internet Information Services
bulletRedhat Linux, Apache

Workstation: Any device that can run a browser (Windows Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator or Firefox) and can access the corporate intranet or internet as required


bulletWindows PC
bulletThin client

Third Party Software

bulletIBM’s UniVerse DBMS – provides for support of imported and generated data base files
bulletIBM’s Middleware Web DE – provides for browser based access by workstations to the webserver
bulletJAVA Application Server(JRun)

WISL Software Modules

bulletWISL Branch Freight System Remote Installation(BFS RI)
bulletFAIS Consolidation(CO)
bulletWISL WebRate(WWR) – provides for rating inquiry of any current BOL or any manually specified shipment

Installation Preparation

There are many files that must be established to accomplish the freight management activities performed by BFS RI. Most of these are maintained by the facilities on the freight management server. They include the Carrier file, the Customer(corporate branch structure) file and all relevant rate quotes. One of these files, the Dealer(Shipper’s customer) file is maintained by ongoing imports from the shipper’s corporate ERP system as part of the shipment record.

The major area of focus is on the accuracy and completeness of shipping location data in the ERP customer file. Accurate location names and postal/zip codes are necessary to perform the rating and consolidation integral to BFS RI.


bulletMiscellaneous freight management files
bulletShip Location – postal/zip codes

System Flow

Below is an overview of the main system flow of BFS.

bulletOrder import from corporate ERP system
bulletClerical review of imported data
bulletEntry of any additional shipping relevant data
bulletClerical submission to auto-rating
bulletClerical selection of carrier
bulletPrompt for consolidation
bulletClerical submission for consolidation if desired
bulletReview of consolidation
bulletGeneration of shipping documents
bulletUpon arrival of carrier – generation of shipment manifest when required
bulletPeriodic import of data base update from the freight management server(automatic)
bulletPeriodic export of data base update to freight management server(automatic)