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WISL Bank Authorization

The WISL Bank Authorization Interface (WISL BA) provides for credit and debit authorization through the register/computer system on a centralized communication link rather than requiring separate devices with separate communication links per register. WISL BA has been designed to interface with any bank authorization service but since there is no standard for bank authorization transactions as with many other business transactions (EDI), the transaction formats and communication protocols are unique for each authorization service. The pin-pad hardware which incorporates proprietary encryption for security, also requires a custom interface for each authorization service.



Server: Open Systems

Workstation: Windows platform


Third Party Software

WISL BA Authorization Scenario

1. A bank authorization transaction is initiated if the tender type is identified as either Credit or Debit.

2. The WISL BA interface is invoked at the register's session and sends an authorization request to the pinpad via the pinpads IP address. The register session then awaits a response.

3.The customer interfaces with the pinpad to insert or swipe their card, verify the transaction and any other prompts the pinpad may present.

4. The pinpad sends a secure authorization request to the authorization service.

5. The authorization service returns an approval or decline transaction without any of the sensitive card data.

6. The pinpad sends the response from the authorization service back for waiting register session.

7. A log of the communication request/responses is kept for each pinpad.