WISL Tree Generator



WISL Tree Generator is a mechanism for representing data in a tree like structure. The goal is to represent spatial and temporal relationships more effectively than may be accomplished in text based information reporting. Simple shape figures (circles, rectangles, triangles etc) are used to convey the nature and boundaries of data objects. Straight lines are used to establish connectivity between data objects with distance (length) and direction establishing hierarchical and/or temporal relationships between data objects. Other characteristics include:


·        The size of the “shape figures” are variable and based on relative “size” of specified data attribute (s) usually measured in numeric value (dollars, weight dimension etc).

·        The typical report format flows top to bottom, left to right (on the “X” axis). Typically a report starts in the top left hand corner driven by a key date or record key attribute (or multiples thereof) and is sorted either ascending or descending down the display area. The “Y” axis is used to display the tree relationships which might also include a temporal scale .

·        A title, date generated and additional record selection is displayed in the top left corner

·        After initial display the user may specify a zoom factor to vary the amount of the report viewable in the given screen area.

·        The user may also specify limitation of levels displayed to narrow the focus to a higher summary level

·        A search feature provides for specifying a given record ID or beginning portion thereof and then offers the capability to step back and forth to the next or previous record within the specified range

·        Some animation and sound has been incorporated into the display to help provide focus

·        Mouse click on any object in the tree generates a display of additional detail in the top left corner.

·        Finally the user may "Hide" the heading to establish a greater viewing area.


The three components of the WISL Tree Generator are designed to interface with the customer organization to optimize the utilization of WISL Tree Generator:


·        The Tree File Generator provides for the interface with the customer data base. Tab delimited files generated from customer data bases are accepted, named and stored for subsequent access by the Tree Report Generator. Files may be processed on demand with an interactive facility or, more typically, they may be generated through scheduled automated procedures. The Tree File Generator is usually administered by a customer data base administrator.

·        The Tree Report Generator offers facilities to select records and customize the graphical display to focus and enhance information for the end-user. The Tree Report Generator is typically utilized by customer information coordinators or key end-users.

·        The Tree Report Display provides for navigation of trees generated by the Tree Report Generator which may be presented to the end-user individually via e-mail or through the menu structure that is maintained through the Tree Report Generator.