Logistics Retail Management Reporting


QUIKREP is an interactive facility that provides for generating reports and exports from a multi-value data base.

QUIKREP’s key features include the ability to create and maintain reports, generate and retrieve select lists, generate export files (that can be used by such things as spreadsheets or word processors), the ability to maintain dictionary items, and attribute substitution on a global basis for selected records. QUIKREP provides the user (from beginner to expert) a quick and efficient way of performing multi-database tasks such as report generation or dictionary maintenance.

QUIKREP is a browser based application which may be utilized with any of the four major browsers, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome and Safari. A description may be accessed at:

Browser Based QUIKREP


Server: Open Systems



Workstation: Any device that can run a browser (Windows Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox) and can access the corporate intranet or internet as required


Third Party Software

Installation Preparation

Some preparation of dictionaries is required to remove clutter that isn't required for reporting and insure that production dictionaries are secure.


Summary of Features